13 Sep 2011

First guess-timate: 5000 named members of our family!

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In my last post  – New Directions – I posed the question: How many Gribbins are there in the world? Paul Gribben, Donegal, Ireland, has a number and tells why he thinks so.

There are probably as many as 5000 people with the names Gribben / Gribbon / Gribbin / Gribban et al on the planet. In 1900 there were 2682 people with these sir-names in the census’ of Ireland, GB, Australia, USA & Canada. If we take general population growth and emigration statistics and factor out woman who married and changed their names it would be a good approximation to suggest that there are 5000 named members of the family.

The estimate is 800 in Ireland, 1700 in GB, 200 in Australia, 300 in Canada and 2000 in USA for 2010 approx.

The general migrational history is the following:-

1600 – approximately 10 households with 50 to 100 people living in Ulster [Ireland] in counties Antrim and Down, following a decimation of population in 16th Century wars in Ulster.

1700 –  Some move to counties Derry and Armagh as well as strengthening numbers in Antrim & Down. A small group of family move to Cornwall GB as miners and in 1841 numbered 100 people. Census’ of UK show 100 in Scotland by 1841 [all Irish born], 100 in Cornwall [Cornwall born] and 175 in other English NW counties [all Irish born]. In 1850 there were 2 in Canada and 116 in USA.

Therefore, most of the 5000 people alive today should be able to trace themselves back to Ulster / Ireland in the 17th and 18th Century.

Paul Gribben, Donegal, Ireland

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  1. Great post Paul. My g-grandparents emmigrated to the states in 1867. I have never been able to trace the family back ‘across the pond’, so to speak. I believe they came from County Antrim. They settled in Carbob Run, Bradford County, Pa and had 13 children (7 Males).

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