10 Oct 2011

This One’s For Us – again.

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This post about the coat-of-arms for the GribbIn branch of our family, was originally published July 2008 –  This One’s For Us. It’s been over 3 years so I thought it was time to re-post the information for those of you that might have missed it the first time.

Every family should have their very own coat-of-arms. In 2000 when I launched the first Gribbin Family website, I searched the internet for anything and everything Gribbin. I found several mentions but didn’t find any pictures or images of a real Gribbin coat-of-arms.

During that time I also connected with “Daniel James Gribbin” of Edmonds, Washington. He had met my mother “Thelma Geraldine (Morrison) Gribbin” years prior when he moved his family to Washington state from Pennsylvania. He lived about 15 miles outside of Seattle, where she and I were then living. After her passing in 1988 I moved around and then ended up living near Edmonds. Driving by his office one day and seeing the name Gribbin on the big sign out front led me to stop and visit.

Daniel showed me this handmade plaque, one that his parents had gotten when they were visiting Ireland in the late 1960’s. Since we didn’t have a way to authenticate the design, he and I decided to put it on display and see what you other Gribbins think.

The text on the back reads:
ARMS: Vert, a chevron betw. three bucks or.
CREST: On a ducal coronet or. a mount vert thereon a buck of the first.
MOTTO: Vincam malum bono. “I will conquer evil by good.”

Here are some of the comments that have been posted about it:


this is indeed the Gribbin coat of arms as I have seen this on herladic charts it is also the coat of arms for the scottish clan Robinson

02/03/2009 – Harry Gribbin


I went to a surname finder centre in the usa Florida when on holiday,  now i know the surname finder centre information was correct, they game me a picture of the same coat-of-arms as you have here, thanks james.

08/08/2008 – James Edward Gribbin


During the 1970’s, friends returning from Ireland brought us a coat of arms that they had made up at a genealogical business. I do not have easy access to it however, I remember a major feature was the mystical creature, the Griffin.

04/06/2003 – Allan Edward Gribbin – Creston, British Columbia – Canada


I think this is as good a Coat of Arms as we will get until we find a better one, so I will add it to my Family Tree

04/02/2003 – Anthony Joseph Gribbin – Limerick – Ireland


i am so happy to finally see something that gives me even a small sense of history and ties me to, what i am learning is, quite a large wonderful family.

04/04/2002 – Patrick C Gribbin – Orlando, Florida – USA


Thanks for finding one…I have a homework assignment and I had to draw my family Coat of Arms! I couldn’t find one so this is cool that we actually have one! Thanks a bunch!

11/21/2000 – Cassie A Gribbin – Lantana, Florida – USA


Always wondered what this might look like.


10/03/2000 – Terence William Gribbin – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA


I have a wall plaque given to me by my son Daniel Gribbin in Perth Australia which was made by a Heraldic Arms & Crests Company in Australia which is almost identical to the coat of arms you have on display, the only real difference is on the bottom bar which on my one says FAITHFUL, this plaque was only given to me a couple of years ago.

09/02/2000 – Terence Ellis Gribbin – Melbourne, Victoria – Australia


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