29 Oct 2011

NO, it’s spelled Gribbin!!!


NO, it’s spelled GribbIn!”

Sound familiar? It should – if you are a GribbIn, you’ve said or thought it countless times.

Even when slowly spelled out, “G-r-i-b-b-I-n“, it still comes back as GribbOn or GribbEn, primary the latter in my case. In 1995 when I decided to get my name as my email address  – michael@gribbin.com –  I didn’t realize how much more frustration I was about to add to my life. 

In 2009 when I first started looking for Gribbins on Facebook, I found a Gribbin Group that had a hundred or so members.  One of their discussions was “How many ways Gribbin has been mis-spelt!” Here is the link to the post I published about that discovery: Found on Facebook.

Since then I have become more and more aware of the number of times I say NO, it’s spelled GribbIn!” and when I recently re-visited the Gribbin Group and read this Wall post by Matthew Gribbin, “My wife always tells me she thought twice about getting married because no one would ever spell her name right again,” I had a flash of inspiration.

I know a company that will print any text or logo desired on a wide variety of products and will let you order as few as one item at a time. The prices are real decent and the products are great quality, so I took my new idea and had it printed on a coffee mug.  

When it arrived in the mail I really got excited because it is a high quality, heavy duty mug with really bright colors and every time I look at it I laugh.

I really love my new mug and when I showed it to my daughter, she also laughed and wanted to get one for herself. Another idea – why not offer the mug online for all Gribbins to order for themselves or as a “gift for the Gribbin in their life with everything.”

I decided to add a Store page to display the mug and a variety of additional products – something for everyone. You can also find a link in the top navigation menu.

Each of the items pictured in the Store has a link to Zazzle  – the company that makes and ships the products.

I hope you will enjoy my new creations as much as I am. Of course I had to order one of everything to make sure they are all as good of quality as the mug.

I’m happy to report that yes they are.

4 Responses to NO, it’s spelled Gribbin!!!
  1. Thomas M. Gribbin,Sr. October 29, 2011 at 1:12 pm Reply

    Great idea Mike…and so true. Anytime you’ve done something wrong, the local newspaper ALWAYS spells it Gribbin.

  2. My Grandma would love you! I remember her countless times emphasizing “In” whenever she gave her name. I, too, have that problem with my married name. McGowAn not “en”. It doesn”t matter how many times I spell it for anyone it generally comes out “en”.

  3. i think you will find its gribben for me haha, but many people assume its ‘gribbon’ or ‘gribbin’ so when i tell someone my surname i automatically start spelling it for them

  4. Edward John Gribbin January 1, 2012 at 6:59 am Reply

    In my attempts to have my name Gribbin spelt correctly I often enphasise – It’s spelt Gribb i with a dot n and often have corrected the (e) which is the most common mistake made, by simply crossing it out and adding the i with a dot above the offending letter. I have a caption when I take photographs “Through the (i) of the eagle”; now interested parties will understand the logic behind the caption as well as the thought behind the photograph:

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