20 Jan 2012

Looking for Family in New Jersey, USA

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I received an email from Jeff Jones of New Jersey, USA, looking for any information about William Joseph Gribbin.

Hoping to use the power of the internet to help in his search, I’ve added a new regular feature to The Gribbin Family Resource Center: Looking for Family! This new page can be reached from a link in the right column of the Home page. Jeff’s email plus all other previously published Looking for Family! requests can be found there.

Looking for lost or distantly related Gribbins, Gribbens, or Gribbons? Send me their information and I’ll add it to the previously posted requests from Gribbins and others.

Hello all,
I am looking for any info on William Joseph Gribbin of New Jersey, USA, who passed away early of 1983. He was in the Navy and served twice in Vietnam. I know his father died around the same age and believe he had a brother, but I am not 100% sure. There is a very solid chance his mother, Gloria, has passed as well. I know he worked at the Vet Center in Northern NJ as a counselor for Vets. Does anyone here know who I am talking about? Please email if you know anything. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
J Jones

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