17 Jun 2012

Looking for Family – Catching Up

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I occasionally receive Looking for Family requests that don’t contain enough information to post by themselves but when added together make a nice read.

So here are a few requests from Gribbins and others that I’m now posting to catch up.

Looking for lost or distantly related Gribbins, Gribbens, or Gribbons? Send me their information and I’ll add it to the previously posted requests from Gribbins and others at Looking for Family.


Hi. My maiden name is Gribbin.

My dad was Thomas J. Gribbin,  his father was John Gribbin, married to Grace (Heckathorn) Gribbin – they lived in East Pittsburgh, Pa. When he passed away she moved to Florida with my uncle Jack Gribbin.

My father’s brothers were…James, William, Jack ( John? ) and Robert.

I can’t find anything  further back than my grandfather.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Barbara  (Gribbin) Daugherty
Slickville, PA



My brother Brien and I are trying all avenues to find information on our G-G-G-G-Grandfather James Gribben.

The Irish Masonic Lodge was helpful with a small amount of information but we have been stuck to find anything else.

We believe James was born around 1770 and was a farrier and horse doctor. He had a business in Drumbridge, Co.Antrim and was a member of the Ligoneil Masonic Lodge, a Presbyterian by religion and an Ardent Protestant.

The Grand Masonic Lodge of Ireland wrote James was a member of the Lodge in Ligoneil in 1809 and the earliest correspondence surviving from this Lodge is dated 1826, Since he is not mentioned in any later correspondence, I would say he may have passed away between these years.

He was married to a lady by the name of Catherine, I have no maiden name for her.

James and Catherine had a son Andrew who married Ann Pitt, in Knockbreda, Co. Down, on 6th July 1823. He was 28, she was 19. Ann came from Belvoir and I have no other information except Ann’s mother was named Mary.

Andrew and Ann sailed from Lock Belfast Ireland to Sydney with their 7 children on the Mandarin. They arrived in Sydney 18th October 1838.

All attempts to find information on James and Catherine have come to a complete standstill. Though we have written many letters to Ireland to Gribbens we have viewed in the White Pages of Belfast, we received only five replies, all in the negative


Denis  Gribben
Ruby Bay, Nelson New Zealand

Brian Gribben
Auckland, North Island NEW ZEALAND



I just found this website! 

My father is Ralph Clair Gribbin born in Green Acres, Washington (near Spokane, Washington) March 25, 1931.  He had two brothers Robert (now deceased) and Gene (resides in Monatana). 

My grandfather was Harold Gribbin born on March 9, 1900 (?) and married Alice.  I am currently looking for any family in Pennsylvania as well as more information on my father’s side of the family.

Carol  Ann Sablosky
Hellam, Pennsylvania

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