In the beginning, a long time ago in Ireland, we Gribbins were all one family. As time went by and modes of travel improved, we scattered to all corners of the world. Now the fun begins, finding all of those branches, following them down through the years and bringing all of us Gribbins together again.

The long term goal of The Gribbin Family Resource Center is to provide a comfortable centralized location in which to share information about ourselves in hopes of connecting with those of us that have gotten lost.

This site is for all Gribbins, Gribbens and Gribbons, not just my branch of the family. By posting my family’s information online first, hopefully it will encourage others to send me their information to post or contact me if they see a connection to their branch of the family.

I would love to post information about your Gribbin, Gribben or Gribbin family’s history or anything else Gribbin, Gribben or Gribbin you want others to see.