Happy 4th of July America

To celebrate America’s anniversary of independence, I’ve launched a new look for TGFRC. New colors, better site navigation, more features and a slide show on the Home Page are several of the changes. Four years ago on July 25, 2008 (my mother’s 100th birthday), I pulled the original TGFRC website (2000-2005) from the archives and.. read more →

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012 to all who visit this site. I usually take time at this new yearly beginning to reflect on some of my favorite past moments. There are many to choose from but these two are near the top for now. My daughter Krissy lives in Kenai Alaska and recently sent me this picture. It was taken from.. read more →

First guess-timate: 5000 named members of our family!

In my last post  – New Directions – I posed the question: How many Gribbins are there in the world? Paul Gribben, Donegal, Ireland, has a number and tells why he thinks so. There are probably as many as 5000 people with the names Gribben / Gribbon / Gribbin / Gribban et al on the planet. In 1900 there.. read more →

New Directions

I just have a quick question, how big is our family? I mean all Gribbins, like an estimate of us all. Think you could help me out with this? – Kaitlin Gribbin, Reno, NV, USA. Here’s a question to ponder – what happens when one runs out of something to say? The answer seems to.. read more →

The Power of the Internet

I’ve been programming computers since 1967 and using the internet since 1995. From a “what is that?” attitude to “I can’t live without it!” – computers and the internet have become a way of life for me personally and professionally. I’ve been around it all for so long  that I start taking it for granted, then something happens that really makes.. read more →

I’m back!!!

I was really surprised when I looked at the date of my last post and realized it was from August 22nd. How time flies when you are busy and having fun. At least I’ve been busy, the having fun part is still out for debate. I did have one really “grand” moment in 2008 – the birth.. read more →