Looking for Family – Catching Up

I occasionally receive Looking for Family requests that don’t contain enough information to post by themselves but when added together make a nice read. So here are a few requests from Gribbins and others that I’m now posting to catch up. Looking for lost or distantly related Gribbins, Gribbens, or Gribbons? Send me their information and I’ll add.. read more →

Looking for Family in New Jersey, USA

I received an email from Jeff Jones of New Jersey, USA, looking for any information about William Joseph Gribbin. Hoping to use the power of the internet to help in his search, I’ve added a new regular feature to The Gribbin Family Resource Center: Looking for Family! This new page can be reached from a.. read more →

Playing catch up

Over this past year, even though I was not posting any new items to the website, I did receive a few requests from Gribbins and others for information on family, which I’m going to post now to catch up. 05/14/2011 Are there any Gribbins in Ontario or any other province in Canada, if there are.. read more →

I am confused!

This request for family information was sent by Thomas Collins from Dubuque, Iowa, USA. If you would like your search for family information posted, please send it to me using the Submit New Post form. I am confused! I have been charting my family tree, and traced one branch of the family back to Francis Gribbin and Mary Jane.. read more →

Looking for Family in Colorado and Iowa

After experiencing the Power of the Internet and connecting to a whole new family I didn’t know I had through my grandmother Lulu G (Orrell) Gribbin, it’s time to see if I can find other family members that have become lost. I’m adding this ability to look for family as a regular feature so any of you Gribbins.. read more →