Looking for Family!

Looking for lost or distantly related Gribbins, Gribbens, or Gribbons? Send me their information and I’ll add it to these previously posted requests from Gribbins and others.


Hi. My maiden name is Gribbin.

My dad was Thomas J. Gribbin,  his father was John Gribbin, married to Grace (Heckathorn) Gribbin – they lived in East Pittsburgh, Pa. When he passed away she moved to Florida with my uncle Jack Gribbin.

My father’s brothers were…James, William, Jack ( John? ) and Robert.

I can’t find anything  further back than my grandfather.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Barbara  (Gribbin) Daugherty
Slickville, PA



My brother Brien and I are trying all avenues to find information on our G-G-G-G-Grandfather James Gribben.

The Irish Masonic Lodge was helpful with a small amount of information but we have been stuck to find anything else.

We believe James was born around 1770 and was a farrier and horse doctor. He had a business in Drumbridge, Co.Antrim and was a member of the Ligoneil Masonic Lodge, a Presbyterian by religion and an Ardent Protestant.

The Grand Masonic Lodge of Ireland wrote James was a member of the Lodge in Ligoneil in 1809 and the earliest correspondence surviving from this Lodge is dated 1826, Since he is not mentioned in any later correspondence, I would say he may have passed away between these years.

He was married to a lady by the name of Catherine, I have no maiden name for her.

James and Catherine had a son Andrew who married Ann Pitt, in Knockbreda, Co. Down, on 6th July 1823. He was 28, she was 19. Ann came from Belvoir and I have no other information except Ann’s mother was named Mary.

Andrew and Ann sailed from Lock Belfast Ireland to Sydney with their 7 children on the Mandarin. They arrived in Sydney 18th October 1838.

All attempts to find information on James and Catherine have come to a complete standstill. Though we have written many letters to Ireland to Gribbens we have viewed in the White Pages of Belfast, we received only five replies, all in the negative


Denis  Gribben
Ruby Bay, Nelson New Zealand

Brian Gribben
Auckland, North Island NEW ZEALAND



I just found this website! 

My father is Ralph Clair Gribbin born in Green Acres, Washington (near Spokane, Washington) March 25, 1931.  He had two brothers Robert (now deceased) and Gene (resides in Monatana). 

My grandfather was Harold Gribbin born on March 9, 1900 (?) and married Alice.  I am currently looking for any family in Pennsylvania as well as more information on my father’s side of the family.

Carol  Ann Sablosky
Hellam, Pennsylvania



Hello all,

I am looking for any info on William Joseph Gribbin of New Jersey, USA, who passed away early of 1983. He is my father and I never met him, he passed before I was born. He died of a heart attack ( in his early to mid 30s) while I was in the womb. He was in the Navy and served twice in Vietnam. I know his father (my grandfather) died around the same age and believe he (my father) had a brother, but I am not 100% sure. There is a very solid chance his mother, Gloria, (my grandmother) has passed as well. I know he worked at the Vet Center in Northern NJ as a counselor for Vets.

Does anyone here know who I am talking about? Please email if you know anything. Any info would be amazing. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Jones
Voorhees, NJ USA



Are there any Gribbins in Ontario or any other province in Canada, if there are please E-MAIL me. I am descendant of Henry Gribbin and Mary Ann Bernard who immigrated to Simcoe County Ontario from County Mayo or Monaghan Ireland in the 1850s.

Garrett Gribbin
Barrie, Ontario Canada



My name is William (Bill) David Gribbin. I am 30 years old and live in Anchorage Alaska. Until finding this site I assumed that there weren’t any other Gribbins out there other than the small group that I am aware of. My father was William Byrne Gribbin Junior. He passed away in 2008. I am only aware of my family members as far back as his parents Kathryn (who now lives in Jakarta Indonesia) and William (who passed away when I was a baby). I have never been in that great of contact with my fathers side of the family so I don’t know many details of how or when our family came to America. I know that the relatives I do know about have been all over the world. Quite the traveling bunch. I am aware of 2 aunts Michelle and Sherrie, and 1 uncle Barry and a handful of cousins. If anyone could help me piece together my family history earlier than my grandparents, it would be much appreciated.

William (Bill) David Gribbin
Anchorage, AK



I am searching for my Great Grandfather David George Gribben and his family from Belfast, CO Down, Northern Ireland. The only thing I can find about him is that he married my Great Grandmother in 1920 in Banbridge, Down, N. Ireland. Any little bit can help me.

Shannon Pye



I am looking for any information on family members of William Gribbin Killdare of Mill Town Ireland – he came to Corpus Christi, TX, USA, around 1865 in a group of friends: the Dunn family and McBride Family.

He was born 1841 and died 1872. He married Julia Dunn, daughter of Peter Dunn and Margrate Maxwell. Peter Dunn arrived in Texas about 1850. Most of the Irish that came to Texas around that time sailed on the Ellen Marie.

This is mostly oral history so if you have any information please respond.

Laura Gribbin Boes
San Antonio, TX



My grandmother, Margaret Pegg, was the daughter of Mary “Minnie” Gribben of Newtownards, County Down, in Northern Ireland. Mary Gribben was born in about 1885 to Thomas Gribben (1835-1892) and Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” (last name unknown)(1856-1935).

I have found it impossible to locate any information on Thomas’ siblings or ancestry. The only information I have been able to find concerns his children and an address in Newtownards from an old census.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I would love to find information about Mary’s siblings and their descendants as well.

Michael Widing
Indianapolis, Indiana



While researching My Roots I discovered in the obituary of my great-grandfather Francis Gribbin (1835-1923), that at the time of his passing he had 5 living sons, (my grandfather) Frank Gribbin, Weiser, Idaho; Joseph Henry Gribbin, Grand Junction, Colorado; Albert James Gribbin, Gunnison, Colorado; John Edward Gribbin, Sheridan, Iowa; Andrew Gilbert Gribbin, Keswick, Iowa.

If anyone knows any Gribbins in Colorado or Iowa, please contact me with the information.

Michael Frank Gribbin
The Gribbin Family Resource Center



hello all fellow gribbins, my grandmom was a gribbin. her name was annie and was born in glasgow scotland to john and maryann (malin) gribbin in 1912. she was the youngest of 5. the 3 older children where all born in ireland. my gg father john was born in antrim, ireland, not sure of the date but i have baptizism papers that says he was baptised in 1867 and that his parents where john and cathreine (downey) gribbin. he also had a brother, frank, younger then him and a sister, ellen, older.

i still have family in scotland and ireland as my gg uncle pat and his wife bridget married and raised their family there. we have never been able to find any information out about uncle pat or maryann malin’s family. any hello would be great. thank you all.

Ellie Nevill
Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, USA